Social Media Optimization - Pinterest

If you are still unser the impression that Facebook and Twitter are the must-have and all is needd of social media marketing Social Media Onlin Presence tools, you need to wake up and rethink your business marketing strategies.
It's time to wake up and open your eyes and welcome Pinterest as anothe Must have in your Online Marketing arsenal.
Pinterest pins have become over 100 times more sharable and powerful than a tweet, with the Twitter retweet averages hitting only 1.5%. And when comparing a Facebook post, the half-life of a Pinterest pin sustainability is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post.
Since Instagram was just recently purchased by Facebook, Pinterest has become a dominate entity for business marketing.
The reason is undisputible. With the recent increase of 27% in Pinterest accounts being Fortune 500 companies over the last year (including Exxon Mobile, Wal-Mart, and Apple) isn’t enough to convince you that your business should be joining the over 70 million total users, we at TeamVFM don’t know what would be.
Besides the frenzied obsessions with exotic destination vacations and gourmet food, the invaluable strength of Pinterest is the integrated features for their business accounts. It is exteremly easy to understand with over 500,000 businesses alread with Pinterest for Business accounts, that  you’ll get added Online Presence and marketing benefits in which  to promote your brand as a part of one of the fastest ans dominating Social Media sites, that is growing and becoming increasingly more  popular as a dominate social media platform.

  • 40%, more people on Pinterest than last year. 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases,

  • 67% of Pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest.

  • 1 of 2 people have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin

TeamVFM Pinterest Setup and Design Deliverables

Package Name Setup & Design Social Media Optimization - Pinterest
One Time Service Time for Completion - One Month
SMO Profile Creation, Design & Optimization  
Pinterest Setup  
Pinterest Account Creation and Optimization YES
Unique Email Account Creation (if required) YES
Email Verification YES
Branded Content Writing for Pinterest Profile YES
Website Social Integration  
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website YES
Misc. Service Items  
Dedicated IP Services YES
Reporting and Auditing  
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES
Work Reports YES

Pinterest Marketing Services Packages

Package Name Small
Social Media Optimization - Pinterest
Social Media Optimization - Pinterest
Social Media Optimization - Pinterest
Recommended Minimum Duration (can run for one month only, if desired) 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Social Media Services Breakdown      
Pinterest Marketing      
Pinterest Board Creation 2 3 4
Pinterest Photo Pinning (photo uploading) 10 15 20
Picasa Photo Uploads 10 15 20
Backlink Building with Photo Pinning YES YES YES
Pinterest Follow Profiles 10 15 20
Misc. Service Items      
Dedicated IP Services YES YES YES
Reporting and Auditing      
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES YES YES
Work Reports YES YES YES