Branding Asset Reputation Solutions

In today’s business environment, branding and marketing are NO longer one dimensional, build it and they will come is only for Hollywood movies. A businesses reputation has now entered into the mix, so Virtual Focused Marketing has created our Branding Asset Reputation Solutions®. Your businesses reputation has now become your most valuable asset, whether you provide products or services to clients.

Small and Medium sized businesses cannot solely rely on printed ads in newspapers, mailers, phone books or word-of-mouth to bring customers through their doors or get their phones to ring.

Today, branding, marketing and now reputation are paramount in the strategy for success and it is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. The local search engines are redefining their algorithms and criteria for Local Businesses to get on the first page. Google has recently gone from the 7 pack to the 5 pack and now seems to have settled on the 3 pack. The 3 pack or “Snack Pack” as it is sometimes called requires a minimum of 10 5 Star validated reviews JUST to be considered to be among the 3 listed on page 1. Numerous other criteria must also be met including but not limited to your businesses authority rating.

At TeamVFM, we recognized what it takes for a SMB to dominate the target market and created Branding Asset Reputation Solutions® (B.A.R.S.) to meet all of the requirements now necessary to be a part of those Snack Pack listings.

Branding Asset Reputation Solutions® (B.A.R.S.) includes:

  • Advanced Search Engine Marketing (12 KWs.KW Phrases)
  • 4 blogs, Articles, V-Blogs and/or Press Releases per month
  • 4 video and/or content Syndications per month
  • 10 HTML5 Flipbook per month (client supplied PDFs)
  • 350 Directory/Citation listing creations optimized
  • 4 professional spokes model video testimonials created and ranked
  • 1 Expose’ Entertainment Tonight interview style videos, free web cam and script writing per month
  • Social Media Site Dashboard for monitoring, direct client feedback with video, statistics for multiple SM sites
  • Customizable Proprietary Mobile APP iOS/Android to capture Instant Client Reviews & Client Marketing List
  • Retargeting Pay-Per-Click/1Campaign/MO
  • Full reporting capabilities including our proprietary Monster Metrics ranking tracker
  • Various strategic marketing plugins to choose from
  • Video popups
  • Live chat module
  • 3 Hours of Sales and Marketing consultations with our in-house Certified SMB marketing coach per month
  • Customizable Special Survey plugin
  • Complete Webinar System with “Live” monitoring for pre-recorded Webinars
  • And many more marketing/lead capture options and strategies

TeamVFM provides SMBs with our B.A.R.S.® program, an all inclusive market platform, which will provide you as a Business Owner everything you need to dominate your target market and lay your foundation for sustainability and your desired return on your investments.

If You Want to Grow Your Business, Yet Stuck On How,
You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time

We will provide your SMB with a Free 1 Hour comprehensive Marketing consultation with our CEO a Certified Small Business Branding & Marketing Consultant

Some of the items you will receive when you schedule an appointment:

  • Evaluation of your current marketing program
  • Comprehensive website evaluation report
  • Complete online presence report
  • Marketing Game Plan outlining how to dominate your target market
  • AND how to get all your marketing done for you