Social Media Optimization - Blogger is a popular blogging platform and is yet another property owned by Google. Small businesses can even use it as their Online Presence plaform instead of having a formal website.

Blogs have recently started to be utilized to replace newsletters that businesses used to send out to tell their customers about upcoming promotions or events, new product offerings, useful and pertinent informational content related to the companies business and what is going on with the company.

Although is free, utilizing it's power requires it to be setup correctly and with the consistency of using the exact information about your SMB that is used in all Web 2.0 review and citation sites to be effective. is typically utilized as an extension of a companies own website blog via curation or additional content to get better results and authority from Google in an SMBs SEO efforts as it provides much needed authority backlinks to your website.

TeamVFM Blogger Setup and Design

Package Name Setup & Design Social Media Optimization - Blogger
One Time Service Time for Completion - One Month
Blogger Setup and Design  
Blogger Setup  
Blogger Account Creation and Optimization YES
Blogger Theme Implementation (Design) YES
Website Social Integration  
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website YES
Misc. Service Items  
Dedicated IP Services YES
Reporting and Auditing  
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES
Work Reports YES

Blogger Marketing Services Packages

Package Name Small
Social Media Optimization - Blogger
Social Media Optimization - Blogger
Social Media Optimization - Blogger
Recommended Minimum Duration (can run for one month only, if desired) 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Social Media Services Breakdown      
Blogger Marketing      
Blog Article Writing 2 4 6
Blog Article Editing YES YES YES
Backlinking from Blog Post YES YES YES
Inclusion of Photos per Blog Article 2 4 6
Misc. Service Items      
Dedicated IP Services YES YES YES
Reporting and Auditing      
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES YES YES
Work Reports YES YES YES