Social Media Optimization - Google+

As an SBO, you think you have it all covered, you've got a website, Facebook and Twitter for your small or medium sized business. You’re doing SEO or Local SEO to rank on the search pages of Google, yet you may be listed in Google+, but you have not optimized Google+, you are missing out on valuable opportunities for your business. When you utilize the multiple Google owned entities, Google love it and your business reaps the benefits.

Just being listed in Google's social network has its benefits on its own, using it, and optimizing it so you are using it to its true potential, can boost your businesses exposure it truly needs and deserves, connecting you by the clients and customers in your local reach, that are searching for the services and products you provide. There are over 343 million users actively engaged on Google+, less than Facebook's total users, yet over 75 million more people are using Google+ than are using Twitter on a regular basis.

Benefits of Optimizing and Marketing your Google+

  • Google will automatically list your business higher in search results
  • Using G+ is the simplest way to increase your search ranking
  • Increased off page SEO
  • Google+ business page is immediately indexed by Google
  • Google will look at your site's reviews and +1s and assist with search rankings
  • G+ manager pushes your customers to leave positive reviews

Your business can only be successful when customers or clients are walking thru your doors, calling you on the phone or going to your website, so it is critical for your business to show up at the top of local searches, so having an active, optimized and verified Google+ page listing is a MUST.

TeamVFM Google+ Setup and Design Deliverables 

Package Name Setup & Design Social Media Optimization - Google+
One Time Service Time for Completion - One Month
SMO Profile Creation, Design and Optimization  
Google+ Profile Setup and Design  
Google+ Profile Creation & Optimization YES
Unique Email Account Creation (if required) YES
Banner Customization of Google+ Brand Page YES
Banner Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing YES
Google+ Brand Page Creation & Optimization YES
Branded Content Writing for Google+ Brand Page Up to 250 Words
Google+ Profile Information Population YES
Website Social Integration  
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website YES
Miscellaneous Service Items  
Dedicated IP Services YES
Reporting and Auditing  
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES
Work Reports YES

Google+ Marketing Services Packages

Package Name Small
Social Media Optimization - Google+
Social Media Optimization - Google+
Social Media Optimization - Google+
Recommended Minimum Duration - can run for one month only, if desired 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Social Media Services Breakdown      
Google+ Profile Marketing      
Google+ Page Updates 10 15 20
Backlink Building from Page Updates YES YES YES
Add People to Your Circle (Google+ Personal Profile) 10 15 20
Add People to Your Circle (Google+ Brand Page) 10 15 20
Page Photo Updates 2 4 6
Miscellaneous Service Items      
Dedicated IP Services YES YES YES
Reporting and Auditing      
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YES YES YES
Work Reports YES YES YES