Digital Media Marketing

Video will account for over 71% of consumer driven Online traffic by the end of 2017, with VOD (video-on-demand) will have almost tripled. With this type of demand and growth, video is the most effective way to satisfy the need for people, consumers’ and clients’ need and requirements for information and direction to products and services any business provides. As a SBO, if you fail to include video or digital media as an integral part of your Online Presence Marketing Strategies, you will soon be finding your business in dire straits.

Digital Media is the future of content marketing and it is reported that by 2018 more than of ALL companies have incorporated digital media into their marketing strategies and the expectations that videos will exceed 64% of all marketing will soon be achieved, in fact Digital Marketing Advertising has already exceeded television advertising in 2017.Video is unsurpassed when it comes to targeting your potential audience, YouTube alone has more than a billion unique visitors each and every month and rising and that’s only second to the number of visitors to Google, yet more than any other Social Media Channel. As an SBO/SMB if video and digital media marketing is NOT a part of your everyday marketing and future marketing strategies, you need to RETHINK those strategies and NOW.

Engaged viewers not only share the videos they find helpful and informative, they also tend to leave positive comments about those videos which are all about your goods, products and services. In today’s consumer driven market environment and information overload, digital media and videos, offer small businesses the ability to provide content that is quick and easy to comprehend and digest.

TeamVFM has invested in the development of proprietary software, to provide Small and Medium sized businesses to procure and promote multiple different types of video formats and digital media for any aspect of their marketing needs, requirement and strategies at an affordable cost and an almost immediate turnaround production time.

Here are 7 important elements which need to be considered for any SMB to have defined and answered prior to developing a Video/Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Define and Know who your market sector and target audience is
  • Split test different video types and/or versions
  • Always collaboate with a Video/Digital Media Professional with Online Presence Marketing Experience
  • Focus on a Single Message Only in EVERY video
  • Short and Sweet is ALWAYS best, you only have about 10 seconds to grab your viewers interest
  • Use Intros and Outros to BRAND your company or business
  • Always have a CTA (Call-To-Action), your viewrs NEED to know what you want them to do next

Local Business Commercials

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Lawyer DUI
Lawyer Personal Jury
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Lawyer Tax
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Amazing Animations

Custom Town
Master Piece Gallery
Spinning Glass

Compelling Logo Reveals

Crumpled Paper
Drone Dropping
Robotic Hand
Clean Amazing Intro
Logo Reveal Skyline
Stylish Logo Animation

Eye Catching Segments

Billboard Walking Down
Cool Camera
Holding Red Shop Bag
Word News
Animated Message in Dark
Cinematic Word Reveal
Clean Amazing Intro
Puppet Video
Kinetic Typography
Logo Reveal Skyline
Magic Trick

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