Finally, Twitter has added an edit option – just not the one that people are always calling for.

This week, Twitter has rolled out a new update which enables users to edit the images they upload on desktop, including easy re-sizing and cropping tools, and the ability to zoom in on the image.

Twitter Image Zoom

Twitter Image Zoom

The options mirror what you can already do via the mobile app, though they do add improved capacity to desktop posting, which may come in particularly handy for social media managers. The tools can be accessed by clicking on the paintbrush icon at the bottom right of the uploaded image.

The update comes on the back of Twitter’s recent initial roll-out of its new desktop layout, which, when fully implemented, will enable Twitter to release more improvements, faster, while adding significant back-end functional improvements.

In addition to image editing on desktop, Twitter has also updated its Events pages, with extra social context (a listing of how many users are engaging with an event in real-time) and a new option to view the main video from an Events page in a smaller, pop-out version as you scroll.

What are Twitter Events pages you may ask? They’re not like Facebook’s events – Twitter’s Event pages, launched back in September, highlight in-progress events, including popular TV show airings, with a dedicated, curated feed of related tweets, and accompanying video where applicable.

Twitter TV Show Context

Twitter TV Show Context

Relevant events, based on your tweet activity, will be highlighted at the top of your main feed as they happen, or you can find them via Explore. Also, when you tweet from an Event page, your tweet will be pre-populated with the hashtag for that specific discussion to help you take part.

The new updates (shared by user Renz Bernardo) are relatively minor in the broader scheme, but they once again underline the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve and streamline the Twitter process, particularly as it relates to participating in trending conversations. Twitter wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to chime in, especially new users unfamiliar with the tweet process – and as such, it continues to explore easier ways to encourage more active engagement.

The image editing function, in particular, is worth noting in your process.