There will be 5.07 billion mobile users by 2019. Parallel with the growth of smartphone users, the number of mobile searches is also rising at an astonishing pace. In fact, almost 60 percent of search queries come from mobile devices, meaning that they have finally surpassed desktop searches.

As the majority of searches happens on mobile, the bar is being constantly raised. Today’s mobile searchers are extremely demanding and less tolerant of poorly optimized websites. Namely, 52 percent of them claim that a bad mobile experience has made them less likely to engage with a business.

So, how do search engines boost mobile user satisfaction?

To take the experience of mobile users to a whole new level, in 2016, Google has announced an immensely important transition to the mobile-first index. Now, in an interview, Google’s Garry Illyes emphasized that, even though they haven’t set any specific dates, the mobile-first shift is going to happen in early 2018.

As its launch is slowly approaching, I’m sure you would like to know what mobile-first indexing stands for and how it will influence your SEO efforts in the upcoming year. To answer these questions for you, I’ve created this brief guide.


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Sometimes making one small change can make an enormous difference – in life and in advertising.

Several months ago, just weeks before Black Friday (2017), Google announced the “ad variations” feature and it was welcomed with open virtual arms by those that manage large scale performance advertising campaigns via AdWords.

Let’s take a closer look.

For the unfamiliar, the feature allows advertisers to test ad variations across multiple campaigns or an entire account (essentially, this is ad testing at scale).

What this means is that advertisers can quickly and easily test changes (to a broad set of listings in their account) to headlines, descriptions or display paths and Google will share… Learn More


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Although Facebook remains popular, marketers know it’s necessary to investigate the newest social platforms flocked to by tech-savvy members of Generation Z. 

While it’s impossible to say whether those players in the social media sector will eventually be comparable to Facebook in their popularity and global reach, many show promise for helping marketers appeal to young and in-tune consumers in the target audience.


Several years ago, Napster founder Sean Parker’s Airtime social media platform flopped, but perhaps that was just an instance of the market not being ready for what it offered at the time. The video-based chatting app now reportedly has millions of users who sit in virtual rooms together with their smartphones to talk and consume content simultaneously.

Airtime is particularly popular with teenagers and college students, and it avoids the common social media problem of having hundreds or thousands of friends but not knowing more than a dozen of them well. Besides having discussions with each other, Airtime users can share Spotify playlists and YouTube videos.

Marketers could create both types of content and target people who currently use Airtime or are most likely to start doing so. If successful, Airtime might help videos go viral and facilitate… Learn More


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I was alerted on Twitter by Marc Nashaat, a link builder in Toronto, about a new app from Google called Bulletin. From their page: Bulletin is an app for contributing hyperlocal stories about your community, for your community, right from your phone. Bulletin makes it effortless to put a spotlight on inspiring stories that aren’t … Continue reading Google Bulletin – Hyperlocal Community News App in Testing →

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Here are five ways clients can get an edge by letting an agency have the reins on their PPC campaigns.

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